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Author Name Mehmet Ali SANLIKOL
Other Informations 2011 132 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-428-7
Price 15.00 USD
PREFACE INTRODUCTION PART I 1. ORGANIZATION a. THE MULTIPLE MEANINGS OF THE WORD MEHTER b. THE MULTIPLE ROLES OF MEHTERS c. THE INCLUSION OF THE MUSICIANS IN THE MEHTERHANE: From Nevbethane to Mehterhane 2. LEGACY a. THE MEHTERS ANDTHE JANISSARIES: Problems in the Reconstruction of the Musician Mehters b. THE EUROPEAN LEGACY OF THE MUSICIAN MEHTERS: Mendelssohn’s Cymbals 3. MUSIC a. THE COLORFUL WORLD OF THE MUSICIAN MEHTERS 1. The Official Musician Mehters 2. The Unofficial Musician Mehters b. STYLE, MELODY, POLYPHONY AND MODERNISM 1. Harbi 2. Zurna 3. Boru 4. New Techniques for New Mehter Music PART II a. STYLES SPECIFIC TO OFFICIAL MEHTER MUSIC b. COMPOSERS OF OFFICIAL MEHTER MUSIC c. THE MEVLEVİYYE AND THE MEHTERAN d. THE UNOFFICIAL MUSICIAN MEHTERS e. CONTEMPORARY MEHTER MUSIC f. CD CONTENT 1- Neva Taksim 2- Neva Çeng-i Harbi 3- Çeng-i Harbi 4- Tahir Semai-i Harbi 5- Pişrev-i Hammali (Fahte-i Harbi 6- Pişrev-i Benefşezar (Düyek-i Harbi) 7- Segah Karabatak Pişrev 8- Neva Pişrev 9- Ferahfeza Mevlevi Ayini Son Pişrev 10- Ferahfeza Mevlevi Ayini Son Yürük Semai 11- Hünkar Pişrevi 12- Irak Semai 13- Yayla Karşılaması 14- Beyati Türkü 15- Pehlivan Havası 16- Ey Gaziler 17- Ottomanist (Uşşak Saz Semai-i Harbi) 18- Rast Fantezi BIBLIOGRAPHY ILLUSTRATIONS AND MUSICAL SCORES MEHTERHANE-İ HAKANİ NOTALARI INDEX